Not Just Books Emporium


Bookshelves (Photo credit: Xavier de Jaureguiberry on Flickr)

The Not Just Books Emporium is the fund raising shop for Burton Manor Gardens offering donated books.

Opening Times

The bookshop is attended in Wednesdays, but even if it is unattended, please do not let this stop you from browsing and making any purchases.


Unless marked, the prices of donated books are:

  • Soft back books £1 each
  • Hard back books £2 each

Other donated items are either priced or awaiting pricing. If you wish to purchase an item which is not priced, please make a reasonable donation. All money should be placed in the donation box. New books and other items relating to Burton Manor are displayed separately and have their own price list.

Donated Books

Due to a high turnover of book sales, we need to re-stock our shelves. If you have any good quality books that you would like to donate, we would be delighted to accept them. Many thanks in advance!