Burton Manor Archives

Henry Neville Gladstone

Henry Neville Gladstone (Photo credit: Burton Manor Archives)

The Burton Manor Archive

The Archive contains historical records including a considerable collection of documents, drawings, and photographs relating to various aspects of the history of Burton Manor, its occupants, its gardens, and the surrounding area in Cheshire and the Wirral.

Contents of the Archive

The archive contains material relating to the various periods of ownership from the Congreves through to its operation as a college. Maps and drawings of the original property are available alongside pictures of staff and pupils on the various courses run by the college. It also contains material relating to the village of Burton itself and we have a close association with the local history group. The archive is always pleased to receive deposits of additional material relating to the history of the house, the gardens, the college, or the surrounding area.

Access to the Archive

The archive is manned by a small group of volunteers who are currently working to catalogue and preserve the material inherited by the Friends of Burton Manor. This work is ongoing, and the catalogue will eventually be made available online. Limited access by researchers is possible by arrangement, and searches can be made on request. A nominal fee is charged for this to support the work of the Friends.

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