Health & Safety

The pond in the north garden

The pond in the north garden (Photo credit: Burton Manor Gardens Facebook Page)

Safety Guidance

To make your visit a safe and enjoyable one, please observe the following:

  • The North Garden and the Formal Gardens contain deep ponds which can be dangerous, especially to children.
  • Keep children and animals under control at all times.
  • Follow the instructions shown on notices at each entrance and any guidance given by the tour guides or other staff.
  • Visitors are advised that in windy weather there may be a risk of injury from falling branches and that using the perimeter path in such conditions may be especially dangerous.

Wheelchair Users

There is a route which goes from the main gate right through the garden and is suitable for wheelchairs. Other paths off this one are grass, and are therefore less suitable and the underground ice house has no wheelchair access. However, there are toilet facilities with wheelchair access at the rear of the cafe. A wheelchair and crutches are also available on request.

School Trips

Visits must be carried out in accordance with your school and Local Education Authority guidelines. Teachers are responsible for preparing their own risk assessments.