What To See In June

Lavender in the walled garden

Lavender in the walled garden (Photo credit: Burton Manor Gardens Facebook Page)


Self-sown seedlings of Valerian, Centranthus rubra are livening up the base of the walls and a Fire Thorn provides muted colour now to produce red fruits in autumn.

Stable Yard

The newly landscaped beds are yet to reach their full potential, but already blue Iris siberica is showing promise and there will be other shrubs contributing to the effect as the month progresses.

Walled Garden

In the shade bed behind the glasshouse look for the tall, deep purple flowers of Primula pulverulenta from China, interplanted with the burnt orange of Primula bulleyana. Over the low wall of the dismantled lean-to glasshouse Tomatoes, Dahlias and Chrysanthemums have been set out where the reflected warmth will ensure good yields of fruit and flowers into summer and autumn. The Edwardians would have welcomed cut-flowers for the house raised in this way.

Vegetable Garden – Broad Beans are flowering and their tops will be pinched-out soon to try to avoid attack from Blackfly, a notable pest. Look in the individual allotments at the bottom of the Walled Garden and you will see an attractive, red-flowered variety of Broad Bean. Lettuce are maturing, peas and beans are climbing and a few rows of brassicas have been transplanted from the seed beds into their final positions under protective netting.

Fruit Garden – There has been a good set of fruit on the strawberries so a bumper harvest may be anticipated.

Flower garden – There is colour now from Lupins and Geraniums especially, but also from blue Centaurea montana and Iris siberica.

Daises in the gardens

Daises in the gardens (Photo credit: Burton Manor Gardens Facebook Page)

Leave the Garden by the Arched Gateway

Go over the drive and through to where, under the Copper Beech, which was planted to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo, the Sunken Garden is being restored by our volunteers.

Go through the lattice-work gate on your right and along the front of the Manor where on the north wall a large Wisteria is in full flower. At its base, Fire Thorn, Pyracantha rodgersiana, shows white blooms against the wall and nearby the red flowers of Wiegela ‘Eva Rathke’ are looking particularly fine.